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Client’s Name: Central Nassau Optical

Link: centralnassauoptical.com


Central Nassau Optical is a local small business located in Levittown, New York. This store has been operating for more than 35 years. The services they offered are optometry, eye exams, designers frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, among others.


New star reviews avarage compared to 3.9 before Plitz.


Increase of 1.89K to 3.38K impresions per month.


Avarage of daily interactions on Social Networks.


We were contacted by Central Nassau Optical because they wanted to improve their online reputation. They want to find out the way to encourage their clients to leave a review after their visit, real clients, real patients that will really give them clear insight of what they are doing good and what they need to improve.

Another important point was to encourage the patients to interact more with their website, so it will be easy for both sides if the clients can schedule their next appointments online.


Our solution for Central Nassau Optical

To reach the goals and the client’s requirements we created and execute the next set of tactics for them.

SEO Services

First, we need the patients to easy find Central Nassau Optical website if we want them to have more digital interaction. So we starting working on a professional SEO strategy.

Website Re-design

If we want to make sure the clients will interact more with the website it was necessary to improve the website. Plitz redesigned a new website with a better UX.

Engagement with Artificial Intelligence

Our CRM started to request automatic feedbacks after the visit of our clients. Then we requested reviews via eMail and other marketing campaings depending the interactions of the patients with the CRM.

Reviews Campaign

We started a campaign to request reviews using links on the website, Social Networks and eMail promotions (This emails are not spam since were sent only to those who signed-in to our list).

Other Tactics in our strategy

We manage three social networks for our client. We create promotional short videos that are posted on different channels. We create landing pages for different offers the client has on specific products.

Technologies: WordPress, Divi® Builder, Appointments+, Hummingbird, PHP, CSS, cPanel and CloudFlare

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Sample of Promotional Videos for Central Nassau Optical

The videos we create for our clients are distributed in Google, Bing and our YouTube Channel.









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