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The World Wide Web is waiting for your store. Your products and services are great and they should be out there on the Internet. What are you waiting to evolve your business, and give your clients another way to go shopping.

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Plitz App for business

With Plitz your business can have an app!

Plitz it’s making it easy for you. It doesn’t matter the size of your business, you can have, along your website, an amazing and professional app for Android and iOS.

Give your clients another path to be closer to you.

Plitz website payment plans

Plitz Payments Plan

We don’t consider having a web or eCommerce site to be an expense. It is an investment. We created a way to make it easier and to adjust it to your budget.

Request a payment plan if you need, but don’t let anything stop you from success.

Boost Your Site with Plitz

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When you get your website with Plitz, you will be part of our directory of successful business around USA.
plitz domain

Plitz Web Services are better with the right Hosting and Domain

Plitz created two options that are according to what you need. Our Web Hosting services are built with the best technology, and we compliment them with extra layers of security, like SSL Certificates and CDN. Don’t forget that, with Plitz, you can have the best web design you can find in all Long Island.

Plitz web hosting

Plitz [ing]

Web Hosting Service with no more than you need to run a blog, B2C or B2B website, delivered with a WordPress and many other applications to run your business on line, backed up by Plitz.

Plitz ecommerce web hosting

Plitz [EC]

If your project is an eCommerce website, Plitz is ready for that. A stronger and more robust web hosting service to provide more stability and security for your customers. Created for Magento and WooCommerce.

The web is always changing, and we are always creating

Take a look at our portfolio. You will love what we can do for you!

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