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Getting started with Plitz takes just a few minutes once you’ve signed up for an account.
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Soon, we will open an area where you will be able to share with other entrepreneurs like you.
How to setup your email account:
  • Go to your cPanel and Find the email section
  • Click on eMail Accounts
  • Find the blue button "Create +"
  • Add user and name
  • You will see instrucctions to access, manage and set up your email.
You can buy, transfer or just point existing domains to your hosting accounts.

To buy, all you need to do is go to the menus Store >> Register New Domain

To transfer, use Store >> Transfer Domain ot Us. You will need the transfer code of your current company.

If you would like to just point an existing domain, request our DNS servers opening a ticket.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Web Hosting?
A web hosting is a space on a server where you must put the files of your website to be accessed from the internet. These servers are setup in a secured way to be accessed by the public in specific folders.
What makes Plitz standout from other hosting providers?

Our services are reliable. We don't create plans just to get your money, our plans are made to build a two-ways profitable relationship with our clients.

Another important aspect that separate us from others is that we don't have a support center in another country to speak to you, we speak directly to you when you need us.

What type of Hosting do I need?
Our plans are explained to give you an easy idea of what you need, but if you still have doubts, please call us or text us at (631) 212-0707 and we will guide you to the right path.
How can you help me and how can I reach your support?
The best and easy way is by opening a ticket on your account. We will ASAP. You can call us at (631) 212-0707 if you are more a calling person.
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