About Plitz
We are a small firm of full stack developers, expanding our services to offer a complete solution for businesses of all size.

Plitz was founded as a web company and graphic design studio. During our years of experience life has been taking us where the need of improvement is. We have seen websites with great content but a very bad design and lack of performance, therefore, we decided to change this issues on the internet.

What Makes us different?

Plitz Corporation is a company that really cares about your needs, we go beyond customer service. Every website and app that is developed or just hosted by us is submited under the best quality standards, not only what the end-user see, but what is under the hood.

Who needs our services?

If you are serious in bringing your business to a higher level, using the internet to boost your revenue and online reputation, you will need a hosting that is reliable and is ready for anything, and Plitz has all your need to be the rocket that will push your business.

Plitz Corporation

Our full story

Plitz Corporation was founded by Norman Pleitez and Megan Pleitez. Norman started creating Macromedia Flash websites 15 years ago, working for other agencies and Marketing Departements in differente corporations. During all this years, the passion for design and develope made him Freelance, it wasn't not even about the money, was the desire of practicing and improving skiils.

In 2016, after a serious evaluation, Norman and Megan realized that the potential was huge, and big companies just care about the dollar, so they decided to register the company officially, and the Plitz was born. Plitz is just a short of Pleitez.

We thank our clients and friend for their support.

Our Services
These are the services managed by the Hosting Department,
but Plitz has other departments to cover all your needs.
World Class Hosting
CDN and SSL Services
Full Stack Development
Our Team

You have a team that will be backing up your success!

Plitz is a firm that will give you more than support, we are here to ensure your projects will succeed
we don't have clients, we have friends, and we care about them.

Would you like to be part of our community, as a client or team mate?
We are always looking for Sales Representatives and if you live on Long Island and have a passion for coding
contact us today!