How to find out what kind of business website do you need and the best way to start.

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To have a business website it’s not an easy task. There is so many companies and websites that are creating “DIY Tools” and offering ways to save you some money, but at the end, when you compare the amount of time you spend and the real cost, it turns to be a task that you should just delegate to someone else.

The truth behind a business website development.

In order to find the best option for your company, and start to talk about your best options, you have to understand two important points behind the idea of having a business website.

Difference between a business owner’s responsibilities, and the resposabilities of a entrepreneur, or freelancer.

Why I am saying “business website”, because this is an article for business owners really, entrepreneurs or freelancers may have more time to do things by themselves. A business owner that is managing clientele, vendors, employees, taxes and sometimes more than one phisical location, will need a way to get the best of the Internet without sacrificing other things that really need their attention.

A business website is directed to promote a company and its services or products, not a person, so the way you will talk about it could be more challenging. As a web company, we want to make sure your public target will find every detail of who you are and what you do, and why you are their best option. All this dedication sounds like nothing because you already know your business, but you know your responsibilities too, and you know there is priorities.

The abandonment of a task that doesn’t seems to be important.

After talking about responsibilities, then we come to this point. Business owners get too busy managing their business they keep postponing the time to run a website.

In my experience I have found many local business and other small businesses that are wasting a great potential to grow, because they are not building a digital presence. A Social Network is just a tool to engage, not the marketing tactic to grow brand positioning.

Not having a professional business website, is like having a car with squared tires, you still could advance your business, but that advancement and grow won’t be smooth.

A business website that will show your value, and why customers should do business with you.

As we always say, having a website it’s just the beginning of your journey. After doing a website we recommend you to consider a maintenance service, SEO services, and even eMarketing services.

Saying that, we will start with the first point of choosing the best option for your business website.

Get a business website with the right CMS.

A Content Management System is the first thing you have to think when you are thinking on building a website. There is plenty, but we are specialized in WordPress for standard and advanced websites, and Magento for eCommerce websites.

We like to work with these two platforms because they are, in our point of view, the easiest and complete systems. But there is others that are good, like Joomla and Drupal among others.

The CMS is important because, after a developer creates your website, the backend must have tools that will be easy for you to keep it up-to-date. An updated website is more attractive to Search Engines.

How unique would you like to be?

At the moment you will start a business website you have to be clear of one thing. Am I ok with a template, or I want a web design personalized and customized according to my vision?

Finding the right web company or free lancer will depend on this, because some web designers are good, but they still use templates, but a developer that know PHP, CSS and HTML can create unique websites for you, that of course sometimes means a little bit more of your budget.

In our case, when we create a business website, we create unique designs for all our clients, and we use Divi Builder to ensure that, even when your website is not theme-based, you can easily edit it with basic computer knowledge.

A business website ready to provide services through the Internet, more than just to inform.

Depending on your company, you may need some premium add-ons. A professional company should suggest about the best options to get the most of your business website.

For example, let’s say there is Beauty Salon that needs a website, we will definitely suggest to create a website where their clientele can make appointments online. Or we can talk about about a little boutique, that could start selling their products online instead of just promoting such products.

When your are planning on doing a website for your business, you have to think on how you can get a faster ROI. Sometimes you will need to invest more, but the results, and the impact of having a website that provides more than just information, could increase your sales in a great way, if you find the right company to support you.

Your business website will need promotion.

Finally, we strongly recommend you to hire a SEO company. Our clients sometimes they think that because they have a website, their sales will increase quickly.

When we create a website, we make sure it’s “SEO Ready”, meaning that we make sure that all meta tags are optimized from the beginning, we add Alt text to images, and we try to make it light, so will load fast. These are important things Search Engines are looking for on your website to index it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The SEO of a website is a set of tools and practices that a webmaster most constantly do on a website, including the direct submission of such websites on the major Search Engines. When you do SEO, and you do it right, your website will escalate its ranking until reach the first pages of your main keywords. When this happens, is when your client will really find you, and connect with your business.

Please, leave a comment about this article, and if you have some questions about what we are talking about, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are ready to give FREE consultations and estimates.

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