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Hey Business Owners, you must start using your company’s email, do you know why?

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During my life as Web Designer and having a hosting business, I have seen this pattern in many business owners and employees, mostly in small businesses. They get our web hosting services, which includes company emails with unlimited capacity, ready to use with the name of their domain for their company, and even they can have more than one domain and use emails for each parked domain, and guess what? 70% of them continue using the same Gmail, Optimum, Hotmail, AOL, etc. accounts.

Therefore, I decided to create this article, to say before anything else: “Stop using public accounts for your business, it is not professional and can actually hurt your company.” I will give you 5 reasons why you should use your own name.

1. The reason behind this FREE public accounts.

All these email services, like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc, have been created with branding positioning purpose. Actually I have a hotmail and yahoo account, so that’s not a problem, the problem is that the branding you are doing for them, you could use it for yourself.

Every time you use their accounts you are making their networks bigger, and this won’t help in any way your own business, product or service.

Google won’t say, you know what, this restaurant use our email service for their business, we going to put them in the first places on the search engine. No, that won’t happen, if you want that you need SEO and nothing else.

2. Branding positioning and web traffic.

So, following the idea of the first point. When you use your own emails, for example, one of our companies email is sales@plitzcorporation.com, you are creating branding positioning of your company’s name and domain, that will increase your reach with the people that interact with your every day.

Using your own email accounts will give to your domain more expansion, because when you send an email to somebody that maybe doesn’t know about your website, when they see it on your email, it will be easy for them to remember and find you and even send referrals.

3. Better security and functionality.

Even though these companies have good standards of security on their services, it never will be the same if you are using your own emails, since the only accounts that will exist on your server will be those that you create for you, your employees and departments.

Every day thousands of email accounts are created on these public services, and maybe half of them or more, are created just for spamming or with bad intentions, so I don’t think that is a good idea to send a proposal for hundreds of dollars or make transactions with your clients using a public account.

4. You will show more professionalism.

Another good point is that using your company’s emails to interact with the world will show that you are serious in what you do, that your company is well stablished and your brand is important and must be respected.

Think about this, you use public accounts to make business, but the big companies you are promoting don’t use them when is about corporate issues and interactions, their employees have corporate email accounts, and for my own experience, they are not allow in any way to use personal accounts for work, it’s part of their Company policies.

5. Your contacts, clients, leads and public will know you are moving with the technology.

Another important reason is that, when you use your own emails, you are showing your clients and prospects, that your company is up-to-date, that you are involve with the trends of your market in the technological area, so your response and services will be always good and on time because the digital world is taking over, but you are up to speed.

In conclusion, we want to make sure that you understand that I’m not against these email services, I myself love them and use them. I think you should use them to send emails to your grandmother, your dad, to create your personal social network account, to get subscriptions of your favorite food blog, but for business communication and interaction, use your company’s email name. You will see the benefits faster than you can even imagine.

If you still don’t have your domain, just take a look to our Plitz hosting plans, they all include unlimited email accounts and you can host all kind of platforms as WordPress and Magento.

God Bless you!

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