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A Website built on the most friendly platform ever: WordPress!

We are in the digital era, therefore you need a website that will not only help you bring more business to you, but will also be an accessible platform to keep updated, and right now the most user friendly platform available is WordPress.

And to empower your WordPress website, we customize and personalize the design and layout to be as unique as your amazing business.

Before we continue, let’s talk about your business and your vision, and how we can implement WordPress to be your platform.

After reading the next questionary it will be ease for you to know what WordPress plan you need.

What is your vision?
When you were thinking about creating a website, what was your vision? What do you expect from it? Have you heard about WordPress and Divi?
About products and services
Do you have a local business or do you go to your clients? This is very important because your website could offer not just information, but connection and a higher value. WordPress + Divi + WPMU Dev can give you that.
Dynamic or Static content
There is two types of content: dynamic content and static content. Dynamic is when your content is changing periodically, or you are planning on adding new information on a daily or weekly basis. Static is when your content is informative and is always the same. WordPress is a platform you can use for news, blog or other dynamic content, and with the help of Divi the work will be much easier.
Provide the option for digital transactions and interactions
If your intention is just to let your customers know where you are and what you are offering, WordPress is a practical way. Depending on your product or service you can offer for example, booking systems, memberships, digital customer service, etc. Then you will need the support and value of WPMU Dev set of plugins, which is included with our websites.
What about your time?
Do you have the time and basic knowledge to start a website or blog by yourself? If you do, that’s great. With WordPress you will be able to do the work by yourself and Divi will make you feel like you are a Pro Web Designer. And if you can’t do it, don’t worry, we got you!

Are we clear?

The questionnaire above has been created to educate you in the options that are available according to your business needs and available budget. After answering those questions it will be easy to pick your best WordPress option.

We all want to save money; but you need to think of the value and ultimate goal. Remember, this is an investment.

Important note: To start a website you will need Hosting & Domain services. If you don’t have one, we can provide the perfect plan for you. Read more about it on our Hosting Plans page.

Plitz Standard Website

Plitz WordPress website

Standard website for small and medium business needing to display static content about their company, products and services.


Up to 25 pages created by us, and ready to add as many as you want.
WordPress + Divi® Builder + WPMU Dev plugins
Only $990

Plitz Online Business

Online business with WordPress

The perfect solution for business to offer memberships, booking, advanced searching, services customization, and more.


Up to 50 landing pages by us. Always ready to create more by yourself.
Up to 50 landing pages by us.
WordPress + Divi® Builder + WPMU Dev plugins
Only $1,925
Plitz WP eCommerce
WordPress Plitz eCommerce

Do you own a store? It’s time to start selling online with WordPress and WooCommerce. For advanced system check out our Magento products.


Up to 50 landing pages by us. Always ready to create more by yourself.
Up to 100 products.
Up to 20 Category landing pages.
WordPress + Divi® Builder + WPMU Dev plugins
Only $2,400

Why Plitz.[Website] and WordPress are your best option?

All website services include the following features:


Unique Design & Layout


Image Compression

To improve speed

SEO Ready



Anti hackers security

Easy 24/7 Support


Own your files

You have total control of your files

Maps API



Know how your website is doing

plitz domain

Our Team Is Ready, Are You?

If you are not sure yet about your best choice, or if you need to request a quote, click on the button below. Our team is ready to start creating the website your business deserves.