Are you starting a new business or product?

Let's do it right from the beginning

We have created the perfect business strategy that will help you succeed. This strategy has been tested in all industries; so, it doesn’t matter if you are starting a Cafe, or maybe a Law Firm, maybe you want to start selling those nice neckless you made yourself, or you have partners that are starting a real estate office with you; this strategy is for you. The only things that change are the tactics we use to approach your target.

the strategy process

A step by step timeline.

The next steps are the we work with our clients, sometimes it may vary depending on your goals, tactics and process, but in general, this is the flow.

When we created this strategy, one of the main goals in mind is to become the agency that will work as your marketing department, we want to take care of everything so you don’t have to jump between companies and freelancers, to ensure better results.

How do we start?

To start we will define your project, talking about your expectations, and your vision. We will give you some input and help you put all ideas in order.
After our meeting we will create the personalized quote for you, when you give us the ok, then the process starts.





5 to 7 business days


Expectation Campaign



One month, or the time the development process takes.


When your brand is ready, you will need business cards, probably flyers and some printed advertising. Do it with us and you get 20% OFF in all printing services. Remember, we are trying centralize your marketing operations.


SEO and Plitz[Mia] Setup


Add your Digital Marketing expenses to your business budget


The first thing we have to do is to create the image of your new business or service. The logo and all the graphic line to generate brand positioning, we will create temporary online presence to start generating leads.

A brand starts by defining the right name and creating the logo that will represent who you are. From your logo, we create the graphic line of the rest of your marketing media.

At this point we can start with a “Expectation Campaign”. We will start promoting your business, your website and your services, telling the clients that your full site will be ready soon. We want to start positioning your brand to prepare your prospects.

With the branding, we can simultaneously set up your hosting and a temporary Landing page to start collecting email accounts and presenting your in-progress online presence. It will help us start creating business profiles on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and others that may apply according to your industry, like Yelp, MerchantCircle, etc.


When step 1 is in execution, the fun part starts. We start creating the website you want.

The delivery of printing material will depend on quantities and kind.

After having a temporary front-end. We will start design your website, with all functionalities necessary, according to the goals we defined together.


Business promotion and SEO setup.

While we are developing your website, we will start optimizing your back-end for SEO. At the same time we will setup the Artificial Intelligence Mia.

With SEO we recommend at least three months of services in a row to ensure performance.

The setup of Mia will need some other special setups, specially for business with physical locations. After preparing Mia, we will start creating other backlinks to your business.

If you want to accelerate your grow, we will include on your project our Digital Marketing and Maintenance Services.


The final step, is the step of perfection. Renew your SEO and Digital Marketing Services, and make it part of your budget. Publicity is not optional, if you don’t promote your business, your investment will return slowly or it may never return.


Setup & Profiling



5 to 9 business days


Web Design & Dev



15 to 20 business days for regular websites

25 to 30 business days for eCommerce

  • Prototype Design & Approval 15% 15%
  • Pages setup and design 45% 45%
  • Special Development 80% 80%
  • Revisions & Editions 100% 100%


Digital Marketing & Maintenance

Final Recommendation

Ask for our Mobile App development for iOS and Android. More mobile exposure.


Choose your package today

If you don’t want to keep waiting, we’ve pre-defined four packages for you. These packages don’t include branding or printing services. These plans are perfect if you have a logo already and you are just starting your digital adventure with an existing business, product or service.

The idea of presenting the pricing is to give you an estimate, but depending on your need, the prices may vary. We suggest a quote request. The prices below are for new websites only.

We are probably not the best agency in the world, but we can assure you will love working with us.

24/7 Technical Support

All our websites and business hosting plans include FREE technical support. DIY plans get support only during business hours. Ask for our monthly maintenance program for Small and Mid-Size Businesses.

Request support by submitting a ticket using your customer account.

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