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Village Salon & Spa

Client’s Name: BeeSeen Solutions

Sub Client: Village Salon & Spa

Link: http://villagesalonandspa.com/

Case: Village Salon and Spa was another client with an outdated website. They want to redesign the appearance of their website; they were open to a new platform. The old site was created with the GoDaddy website builder for basic websites.

After reviewing some of their competitors and the type of clients they attend, we then created this fantastic website with WordPress and Divi, but before that, we created the video background located on the homepage. It’s sequence of the different services they provide.

Another great thing that we implement it’s a blurred header, like the mobile’s glass effect, that will give to this website that touch of elegance they were looking for.

Technologies: WordPress, Divi, WPMU Dev, cPanel, After Effects, Adobe Stock videos and images.

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