Mimi's Getaway, independent travel agent

Some samples of Digital Marketing graphics for Mimi

Some of the graphics below have been used on different mediums, like Google Business profile posting and Social Networks.

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Mimi's website promo

This is a sample of advertising published on different business directories.

“Presenting a new and more personalized platform to plan your next vacations”

Sample of Promotional Video for Mimi

Below a video made to promote Mimi’s tours. With this video we included the promotion of other services, and was distributed in Google, Bing and our YouTube Channel.

Client’s Name: Mimi’s Getaway

Link: https://mimisgetaway.com

Case: Miriam Thomas, better known as Mimi, an Independent Travel Agent, realized that she was in need of make her business more visible via The Internet.

When Mimi met with the Plitz team, she didn’t have a logo, or any other marketing system, she was working by herself her Facebook page.

Plitz Solution for Mimi

When we analyzed the case of Mimi’s Getaway, we defined a set of tactics we could use to explode Mimi’s potential. We analyzed the strengths and flaws to the kind of business and we came with the next proposal:

  1. Branding
  2. Website with booking system, focused on tours promotion and booking, but with the ability to add other services. The website has been created and customized in WordPress, and is capable to receive payments online to reserve tours.
  3. A launching strategy on Social Networks and blogs about the traveling and destinations.
  4. A deep SEO service to ensure positioning of the website from the very beginning.
  5. Online Reputation strategy, starting with the current clients, to know what they think of the service so far, and using the relationship to build loyalty and referral programs. We use Plitz[Mia] to create engagement with new prospects and clients.
  6. Digital Marketing, using Google and Bing profiles and four Social Networks. On this area we are including eMail marketing and blogging too.
  7. Constant website improvements and content management to make the website more interactive.

Technologies: WordPress, Divi® Builder, Appointments+, Traveler System with Booking online, Hummingbird, PHP, CSS, cPanel, Stripe

Mimi Logo

We created Mimi’s logo with semi-pastel colors.

The Magenta to play with attraction of red tones and keeping Mimi’s touch as a woman business owner at the same time. The blue on the plane, which represents trust.

The plane is replacing the apostrophe and the word Mimi is forming the trail of the flight of such plane, giving a sensation that Mimi will take you to any place you want.

Mimi's Getaway logo

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