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Long Island Limousine Association

Client’s Name: BeeSeen Solutions

Sub Client: Long Island Limousine Association

Link: https://nslali.com

Case: Long Island Limousine Association was another client we served through our white label client BeeSeen Solutions. This website was created with the purpose of service to every member of the association, giving them access to communicate with each other through a private system. Since every member of this community is busy, and they don’t have access all the time to a computer, they wanted this messages to go to their phone numbers via Text Message. To accomplish this we created a system with a members area where they have access to these tools, and every time they post something automatically notify to the members by a text message of the recent post.

Another essential part of the Long Island Limousine Association’s website is each Company profile, so users that find this website and are in need of a Limousine service, they can contact the company through every profile.

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