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Client’s Name: Long Island Employee Benefits Corporate Presentation

Platform: Adobe Animate CC and Adobe After Effects

Service: This file is a corporate professional presentation designed and developed for LIEBG. This presentation was a request from the client to professionally present the services that they can provide using statistics and information about their service and their work.

This corporate presentation was created using the latest tools for multimedia presentation and animations, Adobe Animate CC, formerly known as Adobe Flash. On this presentation we included some other media resources to complement the interaction, such as videos and illustrations.

This kind of presentation is mostly used for local display, or to add extra animations to mobile applications; therefore we weren’t able to display on our website, not all browsers are compatible with this type of file. If you are interested in promoting your company or create a corporate presentation or any other need of interactive slideshow, to generate more interest on your audience, contact us, and we will show you this full presentation and give you a quote according to your vision.

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