$175.00 USD

Logo Design
1. Choose between Proposals
2. Unlimited revisions
3. Fonts and color codes definition
4. Logo inversion
Do you need a new logo, or would you like to evolve your current logo to something more trendy.
Get all your files in High Resolution when you approve, delivered in different formats for any use.
$125.00 USD

Logo Redraw or Vectorization
1. Let's find the fonts and color codes
2. Vectorization
3. Logo inversion creating
4. High Resolutions Files delivery in different formats
Do you need your logo in digital but you don't have your files. If you don't want to change your logo we offer the option to redraw it for you.
$1,550.00 USD

Business Identity and Corporate Image Manual
Conceptualization and Design of Logo
Conceptualization of Fonts & Colors
Stationery & Marketing pieces included
Graphic Line definition in PDF Manual
All files in High Resolution
Branding is one of the most important part that many small and medium business ignore. If you want to succeed you have to be proud of your business image, how is presented to your clients and prospects, and even the public in general.
$2,000.00 USD
$99.00 Setup Fee
Creative & Pro Graphic Services
Printing Companies in High Season
Marketing agencies with high volume of clients
Social Media companies for posts improvements
Magazine Designs and layouts
Outsource your Art Department with Plitz Corporation. Dedicated professionals to help you accomplish your goal without complications
We will run your Creative Department like we run ours. One dedicated Graphic Artist and up to 100 hours a month to work as your employee. And you can always order more than one.
* Set-up fee is to prepare our systems, environment and communication channels to keep in constant contact with you and your clients if needed.