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Mimi's Getaway LLC

We are managing all Digital Marketing and Web Updates for this Independent Travel Agent.

Visit mimisgetaway.com.


Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

The advantage of having web hosting services with Plitz is that our plans are crafted to the websites our clients may need. Our hosting plans are created aligned to the need of real  businesses, so you don’t have to pay extra every time you need something new.

*Because of the advanced SSL Certificate, these plans are billed quarterly, semi-annual or yearly.

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Plitz Corporation is a 5-Star Agency on Clutch

  Plitz Corporation is more than just a team that can create websites. To us, a company’s website sparks the beginning of their journey. We work towards results that can achieve the goals of our clients and we are proud to deliver quality services that help...

Don’t be afraid of advertising your business, even on social networks

  Advertising is one of the ways human beings have been communicating for years, a man or woman offering a service or product to another fellow that is in need of it. It is as old as newspapers and maybe even mail, I don't really know, this is not a history...

The difference between pages, posts and landing pages on a website

  Have you heard about the term webpage and website? Well, maybe you know that a website is composed of a series of web pages, and each webpage is a document displaying the content or information you want to transmit throughout the internet. This article is about...

We are probably not the best agency in the world, but we can assure you will love working with us.

24/7 Technical Support

All our websites and business hosting plans include FREE technical support. DIY plans get support only during business hours. Ask for our monthly maintenance program for Small and Mid-Size Businesses.

Request support by submitting a ticket using your customer account.

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