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Our New Year resolution is the success of your business via the Internet. Start any of our semi-annual plans of SEO or Digital Marketing, and we will give you nine months for the price of six.


Digital Marketing is not just about being found.

During our years of experience, we have seen clients hiring the best SEO companies; or getting tools to obtain a good position on the Search Engines, including budgets for Google and Bing Ads. The problem is that while their web traffic is growing, their business is not and they are not getting calls or new customers.


A real online reputation is not just about showing up first on the search engines. It’s about engagement. It’s about making sure that, when your customers find you, they will know you are the best option for them. It’s about making your customers feel like you are close to them even though it is an electronic based relationship. Therefore, Plitz has created two amazing packages with four options to ensure conversion from web traffic to sales.


With a good online reputation, you will love to have a website.


You will be found

Your website will constantly grow


You will get feedbacks

Our system will tell you how you are doing


You will get reviews

Customers will talk about your business

You will engage

Tools to be connected to your clients


You will get new customers

Our system will capture new leads for you


You will enjoy loyalty

Grow your returning customers list


You will be famous

See your business ranking 5 stars


You will be everywhere

Strong online presence through backlinks


You will succeed

Let’s make your business thrive

How will we build your positive online reputation?

Your positive online reputation will grow with a combination of three powerful tactics. Each strategy is executed and tailored specifically for your business, products, and services.

SEO and online reputation

Start online reputation by optimizing your website and business with the right keywords.



Unlimited Keywords

We will study the keywords that fit your business to build your online presence with Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Google & Bing Business Profiles and Maps

Online reputation starts by improving your Business Profile. We will make sure your profile is up to date to ensure better positioning and reviews.


Online presence with Back-links

The best way to get traffic to your website is putting yourself out there. We will talk about your site in other blogs and sites related to what you do, your online reputation will grow faster than you can imagine.

Webmaster tools

We will subscribe your business to Google and Bing webmaster to keep your website in tune. The tools Plitz will manage for you are: keywords analysis, sitemap reindex, crawling and submission.

Monthly reports

At the end of every period we will generate a report with Google Analytics to show you your website reach and improvements. If you create your own account you will be able to follow up in real time.
eMarketing and online reputation

Empower your business by expanding its online reputation through other channels.



Business Profile

Plitz will create and manage your business profile in various online business directories as well as, listings related to your industry.

Social Networks Management

Plitz will provide the management and updates of up to three Social Networks. Which includes graphic design, copywriting, and layout. We also provide verification of your company with each Social Network.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We have a specialized team of marketers. All these services will be managed with a professional strategy and tactics execution.

Strategic website updates

Promotions, discounts and specials will be updated on your website and your other business profiles throughout the Internet. We will take care of expiration dates and the execution of new promotions each season.


eMail Marketing

On your website we will include a form, where your clients will sign up and receive monthly updates about your business, products, and specials.
Artificial Intelligence Marketer

An amazing artificial intelligence that will help you to engage with your customers.



Capture Leads and Clients Data

Mia® will create your customers and leads records on its CRM software, and your information will be up-to-date without complications.

Connect and Engage

With Mia® you will be able to approach your customers and leads with unique and personalized communications and promotions to grow your online reputation faster.

Feedback and Reviews

Getting feedback from customers is the best way to figure out what people love and what you can do to make your business even better.

Integration with Industry Sites

Feedback and reviews of your business, website and products will be posted automatically to one or two of your website preferences. For example, if you are a contractor you will probably want reviews posted on HomeAdvisor.


Reach out via Texts and eMails

To engage with your clients, we will use personalized emails. If we have their cell phone numbers, our system will recognize it immediately and send text messages as well (Your clients will have to opt-in for text messages).


Plans For Every Need

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Would you like to include Google AdWords and Re-Marketing to your monthly plans?

If you can’t wait to see your business shine, let us handle your Marketing budget, we know how to get the best from Google for you and optimize every PPC campaign.

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We are probably not the best agency in the world, but we can assure you will love working with us.

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All our websites and business hosting plans include FREE technical support. DIY plans get support only during business hours. Ask for our monthly maintenance program for Small and Mid-Size Businesses.

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