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Contact Plitz if you understand that your business needs to be online, with the perfect business website, SEO and digital marketing plan. If you need further assistance in understanding the components of a website plan, and the best solution for your vision and budget, our team is waiting for your call and answer all your doubts.



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If you would like to inquire more about our services and solutions for your business, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Plitz web and digital marketing services are complete, and we want to help your business thrive. Write your question and we will make sure you get the answer that will encourage you to start your new journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my website and other marketing services?

Plitz Corporation accept all major credit and debit cards, like Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We accept bank transfers as well. All transactions will be processed using your client’s account, if you don’t have one yet, one will be created for you after accepting the quote.

When do I have to make payments

All monthly services must be payed at the beginning of every period. All our plans usually are packaged with website, SEO and Digital Marketing. In case that you are getting a service with a one-time fee, you will have to pay it in advanced.

Sometimes, depending on the situation, you can split payments by requesting invoicing.

My monthly budget is small. Can I request payment arrangements?

Yes, we can help you with that. We will need the information below. Please, request a quote and specify that you would like to inquire about payment plans.

Company name:


EIN number or Tax ID:

Phone number:

Owner’s full name:

Direct phone number:

Services you are interested in:

Payment plans are given only for purchases over $3,000 or more and are subject to revision.

How long it takes to have my business website live?

Depending on your content, we deliver from two to three weeks for standard websites, 4 to 5 weeks for eCommerce and website with special capabilities. The amount of time it takes depends on when all content and information needed to develop the site is received.

Can you create a website on my own hosting service?

Sure we can, but we will have to verify that your hosting meets the requirements of what the website we are quoting. If you need to upgrade your services for your current website, we will let you know. We will research and recommend what is the best plan your current provider offers.

Which gateway payment do you recommend?

For many years we have been working with Stripe, but we adapt to any platform, it’s really up to you. We recommend Stripe because of its versatility across various platforms.

When will I receive the reports of my Digital Marketing services?

All reports are given 4-6 days after the period ends. For example, if your plan started on the 17th, your period ends the 16th of the following month, you will be receiving your report by the 20th or 22nd.

After your period ends we collect and prepare all of your data. We make sure it is easy to understand so you may have some insight on the strategy we are using. We then make corrections if necessary.  This is also so that we keep track of the scheduling of your contract in case you need to renew.

I have a website already, can you improve it?

If you are looking to make changes or improve your website, we have different options:

  1. Minor changes are charged by the hour ($35/h).
  2. You can order Monthly Maintenance Services.
  3. For additions we must analyze the capacity of your current website. Coding price is $55/h.
  4. Sometimes it is better to redesign your site. We create a new design and layout of your website using the same existing content.

If your website is three or more years old, we recommend a total redesign and content edition.

What happen if I forget to renew my hosting, SEO or DM services?

In Digital Marketing services, after your period ends it will be renewed automatically unless you cancel, if it’s not renewed automatically we will contact you to remind you about renewals, if we don’t get an answer, the work will stop your renewal.

For hosting services, we keep back-ups of web files, and the accounts are suspended automatically. If you pay your service, the website will go live again, if you don’t want to renew but you want to move your website to another server, we can send you a zip file with your files, we offer migration services if you don’t have anybody to help you.

In hosting services and monthly plans, you may incur in late fees, if you think you can’t make a payment on time, let us know and we can help you avoid the fee depending the situation.

I'm not good with computers, can I order services by phone?

Yes, we can guide you through the process to get our services through our client’s area, or if you are in New York, we can schedule a meeting to make it in person.

We don’t take credit or debit card information for security purposses. But we will make sure we make the process smoothly for you.

We are probably not the best agency in the world, but we can assure you will love working with us.

24/7 Technical Support

All our websites and business hosting plans include FREE technical support. DIY plans get support only during business hours. Ask for our monthly maintenance program for Small and Mid-Size Businesses.

Request support by submitting a ticket using your customer account.

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