When a business is growing, evolution is necessary

For those who know how important is to improve


Some business owners think that refreshing their brand will impact their business negatively. The same happens with websites and marketing practices. If your business is growing, change is inevitable, evolution is necessary, and you can learn from the greatest companies around the world. Branding evolution, website trends modifications, the implementation of new marketing ideas, and the SEO new practices will be always a good idea to show your clients and prospects that you are growing and you can keep up with that growth.


This strategy has another purpose, is made for those that have been doing things by themselves or they have been working with an agency that is not giving them what they expect. With Plitz, you can start over, but this time, we will make sure that your marketing expenses will be an investment that will produce profit and growth.

the strategy process

The steps to keep growing and expanding.

When your business was small, there were probably many things that you were doing by yourself, or you hired a freelancer to do certain things, with low fees and once in while; that is normal. When you started your business you wanted to save money and get the most you can of every penny.

You are now on a new level, and if you want your business to keep growing, you will need the help of a creative firm, that will help you, not just improve your branding and website, but create strategies and execute tactics, with new ideas and with a focus on your marketing goals, ensuring a strong online presence, so you can focus on taking care of your clients.

How do we start?

To start we will define your project, talking about your expectations, and your vision. We will give you some input and help you put all ideas in order.
After our meeting or phone call we will create the personalized plan for you, when you give us the ok, then the process starts.


RE-Branding or Image Evolution. This means that we will re-design your logo and all your graphic line. We will keep the esence of it but adapt it to modern trends.


Brand Evolution



5 to 7 business days


Business Profiling



5 to 9 business days

Remember, this is just evolution, we don’t want to replace your brand, we just want to adapt it, we want to make sure that, as your business is growing, your image will honor that growth.

Depending on your plan, we will need to start working on your business profiling on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some business will require some industry websites and other directories.

In the profiling of your business, creating online presence, we will start replacing your brand: New logo, graphic line, color use and even some representative photos if necessary.


When we have your brand ready and your profiling, we can proceed to the refresh of your website and landing pages. If you are interested in keep all your marketing in one place, we can include in our plan the printing of your new stationery, like business cards, letterhead, labels, tags, banners, etc.


It is good to keep one firm managin all your marketing, becase we can assure that your brand is being implemented in the right way and we will save you time and money by centralizing all promotion.

The delivery of printing material will depend on quantities and kind.


Web [Re]Design

Depending on the definition of your goals, we may create a totally new website, or just improve and update the current one.



15 to 20 business days for regular websites

25 to 30 business days for eCommerce

  • Prototype Design & Approval 15% 15%
  • Pages setup and design 45% 45%
  • Special Development 80% 80%
  • Revisions & Editions 100% 100%


Business promotion and SEO setup.


SEO and Plitz[Mia] Setup

In the process of re-designing or creating a new website, we will make sure your website is SEO optimized, but at this point, othe SEO work will start, like the creation of backlinks, the creation of landing pages, integration with webmaster tools, and all what is included on our plan.

It is recommended to do at least three months to start, for domains with more than a year online, the crawling is not to hard, but is still a process that is subject to Search Engine algorithms.

If necessary, we will suggest on your quote to include a Digital Marketing plan, algo with your SEO service. Digital Marketing will help you promote your business with better targeting, and the strategies are very specific for every season or stage of your promotion. This may include things like eMails, Social Media, etc.

Final Recommendation

Ask for our Mobile App development for iOS and Android. More mobile exposure.


Digital Marketing & Maintenance


The promotions of your business in the digital world it’s not optional. Now your business is growing, don’t let it be stuck.


Marketing Team

If you can afford an in-house marketing department it will be easy to maintain your online presence and reputation, but if you don’t have the possibility, we recommend 100% the inclusion of a marketing monthly investment on your companies budget. By renewing your services and start a long-term relationship with Plitz you will ensure the future success and faster ROI.


Start with SEO or Digital Marketing only

We know that your are busy, and time can be steep if you don’t manage it correctly. With that in mind, we have created these suggestions to start right away.

Our SEO and Digital Marketing plans don’t include web design, so, if you are happy with your current website, click on your best choice and start now.


You will be redirected to our clients system, where you will be able to choose the terms of your plans. One of our accounts manager will get in touch with you to get all the access we need to the back-end and hosting of your website. Your website will be scan to make sure any special modification is needed.

You will love working with us.

24/7 Technical Support

All our websites and business hosting plans include FREE technical support. We are here to make sure your online presence is at its best, every day and every hour.

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