Don’t be afraid of advertising your business, even on social networks

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Advertising is one of the ways human beings have been communicating for years, a man or woman offering a service or product to another fellow that is in need of it. It is as old as newspapers and maybe even mail, I don’t really know, this is not a history class, but I have to point this because lately small business owners have been manipulated by millennials that are writing blogs about what they think, and it’s telling to the market “don’t sell, because I will recent it.”

So let’s talk about what you can, and can not do as a business owner, to make sure your product will reach those you want to reach.

The old ways of advertising

I remember that when I was a little boy, I used to see my grandfather, or maybe an elder neighbor reading the newspaper, that was the best way to keep themselves entertained and be informed at the same time. Things haven’t changed, what has changed is the way we get information and the way we look at our favorite topics.

The point of saying this is that while these men and women were reading a newspaper, advertising was there, but as Claud Hopkins would say “Nobody reads a whole newspaper. One is interested in financial news, one in political, one in society, one in sports, etc. It’s commonly said that people do not read advertisements, that is silly”, but still there were full pages, or half pages, or maybe columns promoting a specific product, service or a business, nobody will complain, but the ad was there for those that would need it, and that’s the point you never miss.

People during history actually appreciate advertising, because is the way to know where to find what they need. Advertising is even more important because normally they are endorsed with a coupon or special promotion.



What is the purpose of this post?

On this post we will explain the things you have to be careful when you do advertising, not only be careful of advertise in the wrong way, but to be careful of not advertising thinking that you are doing something wrong, being confused by the thoughts of consumers.

This may sound harsh, but if you are a business owner I think you will understand what I’m trying to say. Customers not always know what they really want and need, and it’s our job to listen to them, but to guide them too. And the other fact is that people customer will complain for fun, to test you, even when they are not doing it on purpose, they will say things that they don’t mean, they push you with one hand, and pull you with the other one.



1. Wrong teaching: Don’t sell, educate

If you don’t sell, you won’t have profit, your business will get stuck, it’s important to teach and show your prospects the advantage of your product or service, but your goal must be to sell.

Sometimes our team will post tips or education topics online about websites, about hosting services and other things we do, that are supposed to be for small business owners, and guess what? 80% of the people who read, like and follow us are our competitors, or freelancers. Why? Because a business owner doesn’t have time to learn about websites, about digital marketing or social networks, a business owner needs someone to do it for him or her, and if you are a business owner or a person with a management position you know that is true, you are busy, you have work to do that is related to make profit, and if you like to learn about all this topics, you will do it on your spare time.

Advertising it’s necessary, because when people is looking for something, they need solution, and a person or company that will solve their needs and will be hard if they need to dig on all your content and information before they get to what they want.



2. Wrong teaching: Don’t use social networks for advertising, people don’t like to be pushed

Let’s come back to the story of the newspaper, do you remember I said that people will read the topics they are interested in, if they don’t need something, they won’t even read your ad. Well, the same applies to Social Networks. If you don’t do advertising because you don’t want to offend the viewers, you will end offending and affecting those that may need your products and services.

If a person doesn’t need your product or service, they will ignore your advertising, that’s it, but when you create a headline that sells and it’s attractive, people that are in need of what you have, even when they are hesitant on getting it now, they will know that you are waiting for them.

Social Networks are not different from a newspaper or TV. They are divided in segments, in ages, in personalities and interest, but as in old fashion media, you have to figure it out what are your best options for your business.



3. Wrong teaching: Don’t be serious, be friendly, be casual, don’t dress up, be “humble”.

The problem here it’s not that you don’t have to care and be only after peoples money. At Plitz, for example, all our clients are our friends, they give us their loyalty and become our family because we take care of them in the best way possible, we are not just trying to sell our services, we are giving them solutions so they can thrive, and clients will appreciate that always.

So, what is this about? Quoting again Claud Hopkins “Don’t try to be amusing. Money spending is a serious matter”.

Your clients are willing to spend their money on your product or service when they know that you are serious in what you do, I’m not saying that you have to be on a suit all the time, but don’t think that because Facebook’s CEO or Apple’s CEO were in a t-shirt in one picture they dress like homeless when they are working

Do not have a miss-understanding about being humble. It doesn’t mean to don’t care about your appearance, it means to do not be arrogant and treat others even better that you would do to yourself, make others feel they are worthy to you, but if a customer will spend their money on you, they want to know that you are the best option.

On this point I will add something extra about how do you present yourself. Some business owners sometimes are wondering why the clients are not paying what they worth is. Humans are visual beings, even when we don’t think, we are always looking at appearances and images, if you’re clients are not getting your products and your services, even when you are sure you are good at it, you should start evaluating the way you are presenting your business and your products to your prospects. Do you have a stunning logo? It’s your website not just functional, but user friendly and pleasant to the eye? It’s your social media campaigns having the right graphic design?




There is so many other wrong teachings about advertising on the internet right now, mostly because the internet it’s an open place where everybody can express their ideas. But as business owners, we have to be careful on listening only what will keep us doing the best for our clients, even when they don’t know it.

If you need consulting about the best way to advertise your business and what are the best mediums for you, do not hesitate in contacting us, we are happy to help. If you know about other wrong teaching about advertising and publicity, please comment it, we want to make sure to address those topics to help business owners to thrive, and make sure customers are making business with the right companies. If you want you can post your advertising for free at, our free business directory.

God Bless you!

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