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4 Reasons why use Magento for your eCommerce.

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We love WordPress to build websites, as we love Magento for eCommerce, and all of our standard and advanced websites have been created on this fantastic platform. But today we want to talk about some important reasons you should consider Magento for an eCommerce website for your small business and mid-size company.

Before I continue, I know that one of the main reasons why people don’t use Magento is because the complexity that takes to build. The price may be higher than any other platform, but it’s time to think about long-term, and realize that the investment is worth it.

No more chatting, let me tell you why it’s your best choice. Even if you still are not convinced, we can always build for you a stunning WordPress + WooCommerce site to sell online your products and services.

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1. Magento, The platform created for eCommerce.

The main reason why Magento is the best option for eCommerce is because the platform was created for this specific purpose.

WordPress is really a Blog platform. Magento, on the other hand, has been created to provide online transactions of products and services. The whole system is ready to provide all the tools you need to manage a virtual store, and even handle multi-stores if your business has more than one location and you have different prices, specials, offers, etc.

2. No need for any extra plugin or extension.

This point is related to the last one. Since Magento is a native eCommerce platform, you don’t need extra extensions or plugins, as you do with WordPress, for example, WooCommerce, to be able to start posting products and set a Gateway to process payments.

In Magento you can still add extra extensions depending on the goal or vision you have for your eCommerce site. These will be unique tools that you can use according to what you are planning to offer to your customers.

The more plugins you add in a website, the more difficult it is to keep it running in optimum condition. With Magento all you need to run your store, is included already.

3. Marketing, Sales and Commerce tools synced with every transaction on an eCommerce site.

Magento includes reporting charts, easy refund process, report of sales and transactions to know the behavior of your visitors. Imagine all you do every day in a physical store, Magento has all these options to run a store and know how to proceed to engage with your clientele and make your business grow.

Magento includes an opt-in system too, to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your site and you can keep in touch with them and attract more traffic.

You can create users to administrate your site and offer support to your clients, and let these users have access to only the areas they need to according to the department they belong to in your Company.

You can create rules, program sale prices, manage wholesale rates and many other tools related to sales, distribution, and management. The good thing is that all this is already included in the platform.

4. More robust and secured system.

The fourth reason for me, is even more important than the last 3, technically speaking. Why? Because when you are making transactions online, you have to make sure you and your clients are in a secure environment.

Magento system has been built in a way that it is hard to be broken, and the system has tools that will make it very hard for bots to attack your website as they do with WordPress.

Even though WordPress is improving every day the security and there are new plugins every day to make it stronger, the attack of bots to WordPress site is higher than the strike to Magento sites.

Another point of security is that Magento is more than a website, it is an online application, so it needs a stronger hosting service than shared hosting. So the fact that you need a stronger server to run a Magento system you are getting a higher level of security from your hosting provider.

You may know that WordPress runs in a regular shared hosting service, and all companies offer very affordable plans for a WordPress site because you don’t need too much for this system. There aren’t economic prices for Magento since you need at least a VPS hosting, that means a server with your own IP too and not share with other websites that you don’t even know who they are.

Final thoughts about eCommerce sites.

Don’t misunderstand, as I mentioned before; I love WordPress and every website we create it’s built on this beautiful platform. Actually the next article will be WordPress vs Joomla. The point of this topic is to educate those who are interested in getting into the eCommerce world to use the best tool available, the investment it’s worthy and will help you to manage your store safely and easily, even when Magento looks more complicated, it is not for your store.

Let us know what do you think, and remember, we are ready to quote your next project.

God Bless you!

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