Plitz Website introduction I’m happy that finally we are launching our new website. Here at Plitz we are still working since our plans are big, but you will be notified when every part of our vision is launch, we hope to be ready for next February 2018.

So what it is going on that is taking so long? Well, we are creating services for all kind of business and even individuals that want to start their own blog or online business, we are working and creating solutions from small business to big corporations, but of course we want to do the things right, we want to divide our services so we can go to the point when you need something from us, because we know your time is important and is valuable.

What to expect from Plitz Corporation?

This is the way on how you will find what you want:

  • Plitz [Website] – As you can see is where you can hire our services if you are in need of a professional Website, including eCommerce, and add-ons as SEO or Monthly maintenance. We are including this year our Hosting & Domains services.
  • Plitz [Corporation] – This the site where you will find more information about us, who we are and which is our vision as Christian Business Owners. One of the most important thing we will have on this site is the job trade, where we will be looking for Graphic Designers and Web Developers to help us with some projects or if someone needs help we can see if can help you to finish your project on time.
  • Plitz [Inc] – Here you will find solutions for Agencies or Resellers that would like to make some extra money or have a career on the website, graphic design and marketing fields.
  • P [LISTING] – We are building a free listing service where you will be able to post your business and even recommend others business for free or for a small fee.
  • Got [Plitz] – This is our website we will use to talk about our clients, current projects and portfolio, to give you reasons why you should be part of the Plitz community.
  • Extreme Printings – Our Graphic and Printing service.
  • MiBarrio Inc – This will be the same as Plitz [Inc] but for the Spanish community.

We hope soon to give you more, just connect with us in our Social Networks and if you want sign up to our Newsletter.

Start today your website and for being part of our first fruits you will receive special discounts and access to the new sites. Contact us today!

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